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Non Porous - Sealed Surface

Noise Absorbing

Acoustic Panels

 Noise Absorbing Wall and Ceiling Panels that can be installed in a similar manner to plasterboard and enable a Seamless Painted finish.

Noise Absorbing Acoustic Panels featuring a High Resolution, High Quality Printed Finish with either Timber or Aluminium Frames
Key Product Attributes

MaxBell Acoustic PJA panels are a unique product based on a sealed non-porous laminate finish. The panels provide excellent sound absorption with either a high quality, high resolution printed finish or as a seamless painted finish. The panel surface is extremely durable and easy to clean.

MaxBell Acoustic PJA panels have been developed and are manufactured in Australia.

The panels are manufactured from greater than 50% recycled PET fibre.

Panels were tested to ASTM C423-90A in the Reverberation Chamber at RMIT Melbourne.

Acoustic Results:

      10 mm PJA panel -    NRC 0.75

      13 mm PJA panel -    NRC 0.65

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Water Resistant Laminate

MaxBell Acoustic Panels utilise a unique  broad-band resonance approach - incorporating a high strength non-porous  PET laminate to absorb noise.

The non-porous, sealed surface of the panels are water resistant and easy to clean. The MaxBell Acoustic panel provides an excellent solution for clinical interiors where hygiene is important, including hospitals, medical centres and aged care facilities.

The panels are also ideal for high humidity environments including swimming pools, food preparation and wet areas.

Installation showing panels installed and set - before painting.

Standard acrylic paints across all available colours are suitable, as well as speciality paints offering protection for high intensity clinical environments.

The panels are ideal for heritage applications where a high quality acoustic product can be incorporated with period features seamlessly.

The product is designed to be installed on both walls and ceilings and can be blended with ornate cornices, ceiling roses and coffered finishes.

MaxBell Acoustic PJA panels can be manufactured with a bevilled rebate around the full perimeter of the panel.

The bevilled edge allows the PJA panel to be set using similar methods to plasterboard and provides a seamless paintable finish.

Panels are available at the same thickness as either 10mm or 13 mm plasterboard and are designed to be to be installed in conjunction with plasterboard.

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